Chiropractic Testimonials

“My name is Amy, I’m a mother of four boys, a wife…a home executive. I had been dizzy for over six months after my last son Leo was born. He was about four weeks old when I got up to put him in the swing and at that point I got so dizzy I couldn’t stand up straight; I was falling down the stairs. I just couldn’t make it living that way. I happened to be walking by one day…and God said, ‘Come in. Go in now’. And it’s really ironic that you guys have the name, Discover Chiropractic; because I didn’t know anything about chiropractic. My mom was totally against it…and I’ll tell you I was a little scared when I came in the first day. I was like, ‘What do I do here?’ And I came in, and you guys were very calm about everything and very opening and welcoming to my kids. It opened up a whole new world for me and my family…now my kids are getting corrected. Leo no longer has ear infections, which he was running rapid when he was only ten months old. It helped a lot. And I’m not dizzy anymore. YAY! I’m not falling downstairs. I can stand upright, and not feel like the world is crashing down.”

- Amy

“I had sciatica for 3 years that was completely unbearable & the only way to walk was to drag my leg. I now actually have pain free days and it is easier to take deeper breaths!”

- Julie K.

“I have had a sore and twisted neck for 10-12 years and upper back pain. I have seen previous Chiropractors and it helped some, but was not lasting. After seeing Dr. Radspinner the pain in the neck is mostly gone. I sleep better and am feeling stronger.”

- Joyce H.

“I am 6 years old and have been having problems with bedwetting. After 2 adjust I had 6 dry nights and was able to participate in my first sleep over. Dr. Radspinner is helping me get rid of my Pull-Ups.”

- Emily F.

“Before seeing Dr. Aaron I had seen a Medical Doctor and a Physical Therapist without results. I had severe pain in my right leg and numbness in my right arm. I could not sit or walk without aggravating it. The pain was so bad in my leg I ended up dragging it most of the time. I have used Chiropractic before and it helped, but did not get the terrific results I got with Dr. Aaron. My leg problems are now gone and my arm is much better. I have experienced more energy and a better attitude toward life.”

- Linda H.

“For three months leading up to my first visit, I was in constant pain and discomfort. My right side was extremely stiff and continually throbbing with pain. It not only affected my life, it controlled my life. I started seeing Dr. Aaron. I thought it would be similar to my emergency room visit, x-rays and discussions of possible problems, but no real cure or solution. It turned out I was wrong. I don’t remember exactly when I realized the relief he had given me. That’s the best part. I went from thinking about my pain every waking moment to going days without ever thinking I had pain.”

- Clark C.

“I had hip pain for several years that made it hard to walk or stand for very long. I now have much less neck and shoulder pain and no more pain in the hips. I also get sick less often now and feel like my body functions more together than unique parts!”

- Becky R.

“I had two bulging disks that were causing pain in my back and down my leg for over a year. Since coming to Dr. Radspinner I feel like I got my life back. I have become pain free while starting to engage in my normal athletic activities as a tri-athlete!”

- Lindy M.

“I have always been one that did not really feel comfortable with going to a chiropractor, but when I was referred to Dr. Radspinner by my neurologist Dr. Duncan, I figured, ‘Well I’ll give it a try’. And much to my surprise I felt so much better. When I came in I didn’t have any feeling in my legs or my feet, it was numbness, nothing but tingling. I had to walk with my walker and I had poor balance. And now after a month I don’t have any tingling or numbness in my legs and feet. And I am able to walk unassisted for short distances. And I have now got myself to where I am just using my cane and not my walker. So I feel very fortunate that I had the good luck of Dr. Radspinner to work on me and make me feel much better. And it has really been a blessing.”

- Patricia

“I came in and I had lower back pain…I got a flu shot and all of a sudden I was allergic to eggs. I also wasn’t able to have any spicy foods because I had acid reflux. So I came in and after one adjustment I didn’t have any back pain, I learned how to hold my head properly, and I was also able to eat eggs and spicy food. It’s fantastic! I used to avoid everything I was allergic to, and I had to use a rolled up pillow or towel behind my back so that I could drive for anything longer than an hour to an hour and a half. For me that’s not fun because I drive, I’m a driver. I drive for 13-18 hours a day. So it’s been fantastic. I can eat spicy foods, I can drink coffee, and I can eat eggs…chiropractic has really helped me out, a whole lot!”

- Joe

“I had a herniated disc; back surgery six months ago, and I still had pain in my back numbness in my feet even after surgery. I’ve been coming to see Dr. Aaron for about three months now and no sciatic pain, no numbness in my feet, no minor pain in my back. Things are healing well and hope to be fully recovered within another three to six months. If it wasn’t for Dr. Aaron I’d still be in pain.”

- Dave F.

“Hi! My name is Charles and I’ve been coming to Discover Chiropractic for about two months now. I used to have a problem with discomfort in my upper back especially when driving down the road and now that’s completely gone away. And my lower back is feeling much better. So I highly recommend this place.”

- Charles

“I was in a car accident in April of ’08. I was in involved in an accident with a drunk driver. I had severe pain in my neck and severe pain in my back. I went to my doctor several times to seek help for some pain relief. I was given muscle relaxants and pain pills, and it didn’t seem to help. A couple months went by and it just wasn’t getting any better. And finally I asked my doctor if I should get physical therapy or go to a chiropractor. And he told me to go to Dr. Aaron, and it’s changed my life. I met people who cared and listened and educated. I lived with pain for years before that with back trouble…Dr. Aaron and his associates educated me and I started to learn what was causing the pain and I learned to understand how my body works. And just six visits with him my neck started to improve. I could start driving; I could look left to right. I didn’t have to wear the heating pad on my back anymore. My life improved very much. The office here is wonderful. I love everybody that works here. I look forward to coming. I always leave feeling better, not just physically. My spirit seems to get a jump start to deal with my hard times in my life that I deal with daily. I want to encourage anybody how watches this to seek out chiropractic, especially with Aaron, because he’s changed my life so much and I trust him with all my heart and I think that it can improve other people’s lives too that aren’t educated about how our muscles work.”

- Nancy

“Hi, I’m Debi and I’m just really glad for all that Dr. Aaron is doing to help me. When I came here, I came here mostly for my posture, because my right leg is shorter then my left leg…now I walk so different. It’s totally changed my walk. And I just feel healthier, and stronger. I’m just so thankful for Dr. Aaron, and Alicia and Amy. It’s fun office to come to.”

- Debi

“I’m Jennifer, and since I’ve gotten Chiropractic care I have experienced less headaches and I don’t have to take my allergy medicine anymore, and rarely have to use my inhaler. It has really helped. It has helped relieve most of the pain that I have felt and I’m not in as much pain as I used to be.”

- Jennifer


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